Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello to anybody who's still out there...  Sorry i haven't posted anything lately.  I've been in a FUNK and  I can't seem to focus!  I need to get out of this ditch so i can get creative again...  I WANT to create, but my brain won't cooperate.  Some days, i don't know why, but i just want to cry.  (the ditch is deep)  So please forgive me, i haven't forgotten you.  I will be back, i just need time...  If you're reading this, thanks for listening.  

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  1. Oh my lovely, I am so sorry for not having been around to support you.. life has been a bit crazy here and I can certainly relate to how you have been feeling.. I called today to wish you a happy Sunday.xx
    I'm always around if you fancy a natter via email. Don't ever think there is no one out there in Blogland. Great to catch up with your inspirational artwork. Journaling helps pick me up I hope it helps you too. You know where I am. Love Gez.xx